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A very warm welcome to the Department of Physics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong!

Faculty members in the Department strive to advance scientific knowledge and provide outstanding science education to undergraduate and postgraduate students and the general public. The Department of Physics has undergone rapid growth in size and made significant reforms in teaching and research since 1963 when CUHK was established. Our current research areas, which broadly include fundamental physics, condensed matter physics, materials science and complex systems, cover a wide range of topics in both fundamental and applied physics.

The cutting-edge research in the Department is recognized worldwide. Our faculty members constantly receive prestigious grants and awards both locally and internationally. The Department of Physics has also been an active member of international scientific collaborations such as the ATLAS experiment at CERN (particle physics), LIGO (gravitational wave) and the Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment. Locally, we host a number of seminars, workshops and conferences every year to facilitate the exchange of information between local researchers and the global scientific community. We provide ample opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students to participate in frontier research.

The Department has a long tradition of providing high quality teaching and learning experience to our students. We offer undergraduate degree programmes (BSc), Master level taught programmes (MSc), Master level research programmes (MPhil) and doctoral level research programmes (PhD). Our broad and rigorous curriculum is supplemented by various experiential learning opportunities which help students develop work-place ready soft skills and technical skills. Our dedicated faculty members are committed to help students in reaching their potential and equip them with the skills necessary to solve challenging problems in the 21st century.

Whether you are a science enthusiast or a physicist, a secondary school student considering studying physics or an undergraduate applying for our master’s or doctoral programmes, we have something tailored-made for you in this website. Come and join us in exploring our mysterious universe!

Department Profile

Department Chairman : Jianfang Wang (王建方)
Teaching Staff : 34
Programmes Offered : BSc, MSc, MPhil, PhD
Undergraduate Majors : 234
Postgraduates : 166