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Overseas Programme for Undergraduate Student (OPUS)

Overseas Programme for Undergraduate Student (OPUS)

What is it?

This is a chance for our students to go overseas to take courses and conduct summer research projects in several leading universities. For 2023-24, up to 2 students (to be confirmed) may go to University of California, Berkeley campus, and up to 4 may go to Fudan University.

Who are eligible to apply?

If you are an undergraduate student majoring in PHYSICS in the year after you return from exchange and meet the minimum eligibility requirement of the University-wide Exchange Program, you are eligible to apply. You should also have a good academic record and good command of English or Mandarin. We look for motivated students who have a solid physics background, who are mature, independent, creative, and get along well with people from different cultural background.

How about stipend?

Successful applicants completing the programme will be offered some financial support.


  • Mid October : Announcement of program
  • late-October, 2022 : Deadline of application (see OAL webpage)
  • Early December, 2022 : Interview with short-listed applicants
  • Early January, 2023 : Successful applicants will be informed and confirmed

Partcipants’ responsibilities

  1. After returning to Hong Kong, each student has to give both an oral and a written report on his/her research project.
  2. A successful applicant has to apply for an entry VISA by himself/herself.

Briefing session

A briefing session will be held on November 22 (5:30 pm, Tuesday, Science Center G25), 2022.

SURE and OPUS presentations would be held in CUHK Physics Students Conference


Prof. Chu Ming Chung (3943 6364) Prof. Chu Ming Chung (3943 6364)

Application Form

One-stop application through the OAL central system.


Can a participant still do a final-year project?

This is up to your potential final-year project supervisor. It is your responsibility to tell your potential supervisor that you plan to take up this internship. You may have to make a choice between this program and a final-year project.

What are the expenses?

Students will pay CUHK tuition fee, and room and board expenses at the host institute. Students will also need to buy medical insurance and pay for travel expenses. Please consult Office of Academic Links.

What other financial aids can I find?

Please consult Office of Academic Links, Student Affairs, and your College office regarding possible financial aids.

Will the credits obtained at the host institutes be transferable?

This depends on the specific courses you choose to take. We have identified several core and elective Physics courses that are transferable.

Will I need to extend my study if I join this exchange program?

This again depends on the courses you take. Most core Physics courses in Spring Semester at CUHK can be taken at the host institutes, and so we do not expect that you need to extend your study.