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Undergraduate Admissions



CUHK Physics has a good and long-standing reputation in training solid physics students. As one of the oldest departments in CUHK, we have been nurturing over 2000 physics students and many of them are professors, scientists, educators, engineers, executives, and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and around the world.  Recent years, more than 50% of our graduates continue to pursue higher degrees in Physics or related subjects.

We offer a rigorous curriculum in physics education. The curriculum is divided as the Core and Streams. The Core is compulsory for all students, and it covers classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, electromagnetic theory, thermal and statistical physics, mathematical skills, experimental skills and computational skills aiming for building a strong and comprehensive foundation.

Other than the Core, the Streams are optional, and they are: Astrophysics and particle physics, Computational and data physics, Quantum science and technology and Enrichment stream in theoretical physics (ESTP, JS4690). While ESTP admits students from a separate JUPAS line (JS4690), other Streams can be declared once students are admitted to our physics programme.  Students select Streams in their elective courses to attain a certain depth in concepts and skills in several areas, which are useful in future studies and workplace.

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