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Soft Matter Physics & Complex Systems

Soft Matter Physics & Complex Systems

Complex Systems

Reconstruction of networks from dynamics and relation between structure and dynamics. Agent-based models of complex systems, physics of complex networks, dynamical processes in complex networks.
(Emily S.C. Ching | P.M. Hui)

Experimental Study of Fluid Turbulence

Study of fluid turbulence, in particular convective thermal turbulence. Main focus are heat transport, flow dynamics, energy and entropy cascades, and coherent structures.
(K.Q. Xia)

Fluid and Complex Fluids Experiment

Study the origin of liquid drop splashing, multiphase flow in porous medium, colloidal crystallization and colloidal glass.
(L. Xu | K.Q. Xia)

Non-equilibrium Physics of Active Matter

We seek to understand the self-organization dynamics of active matter. Active matter systems spend energy locally to produce mechanical work; they include all living things and synthetic self-driven materials. Investigations in the field will fuel the development of statistical physics in far-from-equilibrium systems, will advance the understanding of the physics of life, and may provide guidance for engineering self-driven and stimulus-responsive materials.
(Y.L. Wu)

Theoretical Study of Fluid Turbulence

Theoretical study of fluid turbulence especially thermally-driven turbulent flows. Boundary layer theory, heat transport, and effect of polymers on heat transport. Scaling and intermittency, statistics and coherent structures.
(Emily S.C. Ching)