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Summer Undergraduate Research Internship Programme (SURIP)

Summer Undergraduate Research Internship Programme (SURIP)

What is it?

This program provides a formal channel for CUHK physics undergraduate students at the end of Year-1, Year-2 and Year-3 to work in both experimental and theoretical projects in the research groups in our department during the summer (lasts for 9 weeks). Its main purpose is for the education of young students. Through this program, we hope to:

  1. give students some basic training in practical experimental skills,
  2. provide them opportunities to get in touch with current research topics,
  3. increase their interest in experimental physics and
  4. prepare them for future postgraduate studies.

Who is eligible to apply?

Physics undergraduate students of Year-1 to Year-3.

How about stipend?

Each successful applicant will be awarded a total stipend of ~HK$10,000.

Participants’ responsibilities

  1. Successful applicants must complete some basic technical training and several group activities.
  2. This is a full-time position. If you join this program, you should engage 100% of your time in it unless with the project supervisor’s special permission. You should declare any time conflicts when submitting the application.
  3. The working mode will be decided by project supervisors individually.
  4. At the end of the internship, each student is required to give a poster to present the work done.


  • Early March: Announcement of project list
  • March 20: Deadline of application
  • Early April: Announcement of results
  • May 20 to July 19: Internship period
  • July 19: Poster presentation


Details of the application procedure will be announced soon.


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