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MSc in Physics

MSc in Physics


Aim and Scope

With the longest history in Hong Kong (since 1994), the Master of Science in Physics (MSc in Physics) programme in the Department of Physics has been nurturing students who seek to deepen and broaden their understanding of physics through taught courses. Through a series of learning activities that combine lectures, laboratories, guided studies, projects and dissertation, the programme provides students with advanced knowledge of physics in different branches, spanning from classical to quantum and from theory to experiment. At the same time, it strengthens students on different skills such as critical analysis, problem solving, communication, and research. It has been preparing students for different job prospects in education, research, industry and commerce, and further study. The MSc programme complements the mission of the Department to advance knowledge, to serve the community in Hong Kong and the proximal region, and to transfer scientific knowledge to the public.

Programme Structure and Requirements

Study Scheme of M.Sc. Programme in Physics (2023-24)

This is a coursework-based master degree programme. Specific selective courses only for MSc students are offered to suit the background and interest of the students. Students may also enroll in credit bearing Guided Study and Project courses to acquire knowledge and hands-on research experience in frontier topics in fundamental and applied physics, and may opt to work on a dissertation.

Study Modes and Duration

  • Full-time: 1 year
  • Part-time: 2 years

Coursework Requirement

There is no compulsory course requirement and students are free to select courses to suit their interest and own study plan. Students are required to complete a minimum of 24 units of physics courses at 5000-level for graduation. With the permission of the Division, up to 3 units of physics (PHYS) courses at 4000-level and/or 6 units of materials science and engineering (MSEG) courses at 5000-level may be substituted.

Starting from 2022-23, a dissertation option is open to students in the full-time mode upon successful arrangement with a supervisor. Students are required to spend 6 units in PHYS 5710/5720/5730 (Guided Study) plus PHYS 5991 (MSc Dissertation). While the courses are to be assessed separately, they together provide the opportunity for a student to acquire the necessary background knowledge and skills of a research area, possibly carry out a project, and compose a dissertation that reflects the student’s broad reading and understanding of the area. Students in the part-time mode who want to opt for a dissertation should seek prior approval from the Graduate Panel after they make arrangement with a supervisor.

Other Requirements

Students must achieve a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 in order to fulfill the graduation requirement, unless special approval is granted by the Graduate Council.

[Note: Applicants who are interested in applying for the part-time programme should contact the Division in advance for the teaching timetable in order to ensure accessibility of courses offered.]

Entry Requirements

Applicants should hold, or expect to hold by the time of admission, a Bachelor’s degree in Science or Engineering, or have sufficient preparation in Physics if the first degree is in other disciplines, normally with Second Class Honours or overall average result of B or above.

Application Procedures

  • Completion of application form on Internet via CUHK’s online application system.
  • Required supporting documents:
    • Recommendation form from two referees, to be completed online (if you choose submission by “online”) or sent directly by the referees by email to (if you choose submission by “hardcopy”);
    • Copy of official transcripts (of all tertiary level studies) and official explanatory notes indicating the grading scheme of the University (e.g. A = 90-100 = 4.0, B = 80-89 = 3.0, etc);
    • Copy of certificates of academic qualifications (if graduated). Applicants who obtained degrees from Mainland China should provide Chinese version of both degree certificate (學位證書) and graduation certificate (畢業證書) and Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate (教育部學歷証書電子注册備案表) issued by the CHESICC (學信網);
    • Curriculum vitae;
    • Copy of TOEFL, IELTS or GMAT test score report for preview purpose (if available) (if the applicant does not have a degree from a university in Hong Kong or an English-speaking country); and
    • Copy of identity document as input on your online application.
  • Admission notification will be sent to successful applicants via e-mail.

Application Period

  • Applications can be made starting from 1 September
  • Application Deadline: 15 May 2024
  • Applications will be considered as early as end of December 2023

Tuition Fee

  • Full-time: HK$120,000 (per annum)
  • Part-time: HK$60,000 (per annum)