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XIAO Xudong 肖旭東

XIAO Xudong / Adjunct Professor and Emeritus Professor

PHONE: (852) 3943 4388


  • PhD, University of California at Berkeley, 1992
  • MA, University of California at Berkeley, 1988
  • BS, University of Science and Technology of China, 1986

Current Position

  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Emeritus Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Interest

  • Solar Cell Research Laboratory
  • Surface diffusion, Nanotribology study using atomic force microscopy, Novel properties of nanostructures and materials, Scanning tunneling microscopy

Honours and Awards

  • 中國科學院”海外知名學者”, 2005
  • Outstanding Yong Scientist Fund, Chinese National Science Foundation, 2004
  • Guo More (郭沫若) Scholarship, USTC, 1986

Selected Recent Publications

  • X.N. Wang, H.J. Zhu, Y.M. Xu, H. Wang, Y. Tao, S.K. Hark, X.D. Xiao and Q. Li, “Aligned ZnO/CdTe Core-Shell Nanocable Arrays on Indium Tin Oxide: Syntheses and Photoelectrochemical Properties”, ACS Nano 4, 3302-3308, 2010.06.
  • S.L. Hu, A.D. Zhao, E.J. Kan, X.F. Cui, X.Q. Zhang, F.F. Ming, Q. Fu, H.J. Xiang, J.L. Yang and X.D. Xiao, “Electrical Rectification by Selective Wave-Function Coupling in Small Ag Clusters on Si(111)-(7×7)”, Physical Review B 81, 115458, 2010.03.
  • K.D. Wang, F.F. Ming, Q. Huang, X.Q. Zhang and X.D. Xiao, “Study of CO Diffusion on Stepped Pt(111) Surface by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy”, Surface Science 604, 322-326, 2010.02.
  • X.Q. Zhang, J.P. Liu, B.K. Li, K.D. Wang, F.F. Ming, J.N. Wang and X.D. Xiao, “Effect of Substrate Doping Concentration on Quantum Well States of Pb Island Grown on Si(111)”, Surface Science 604, 175-180, 2010.01.
  • M.J. Zhou, H.J. Zhu, X.N. Wang, Y.M. Xu, Y. Tao, S.K. Hark, X.D. Xiao and Q. Li, “CdSe Nanotube Arrays on ITO via Aligned ZnO Nanorods Templating”, Chemistry of Materials 22, 64-69, 2010.01.
  • X.N. Wang, J. Wang, M.J. Zhou, H.J. Zhu, H. Wang, X.D. Cui, X.D. Xiao and Q. Li, “CdTe Nanorod Arrays on ITO: From Microstructure to Photoelectrical Property”, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113, 16951-16953, 2009.10.
  • X.Q. Shi, W.W. Pai, X.D. Xiao, J.I. Cerda, R.Q. Zhang, C. Minot and M.A. Van Hove, “Significant Negative Differential Resistance Predicted in Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy for a C60 Monolayer on a Metal Surface”, Physical Review B 80, 075403, 2009.08.
  • G. Chen, X.D. Xiao, Y. Kawazoe, X.G. Gong and C.T. Chan, “Comparative Study of Single Cu, Ag, Au, and K Atoms Adsorbed on Si(111)-(7×7)”, Physical Review B 79, 115301, 2009.03.
  • K.D. Wang, X.Q. Zhang, M.M.T. Loy, T.C. Chiang and X.D. Xiao, “Pseudogap Mediated by Quantum-Size Effects in Lead Islands”, Physical Review Letters 102, 076801, 2009.02.
  • K.D. Wang, G. Chen, C. Zhang, M.M.T. Loy and X.D. Xiao, “Intermixing of Intrabasin and Interbasin Diffusion of a Single Ag Atom on Si(111)-(7×7)”, Physical Review Letters 101, 266107, 2008.12.
  • C.M. Yim, K.L. Man, X.D. Xiao and M.S. Altman, “Low-energy Electron Microscopy of CO/Pt(111) Surface Diffusion by Nonequilibrium Coverage Profile Evolution”, Physical Review B 78, 155439, 2008.10.
  • X.Q. Zhang, A.D. Zhao, K.D. Wang and X.D. Xiao, “Kondo Effect of Single Co Atoms Adsorbed on Pb/Si(111) Nanoislands”, Physical Review B 78, 035431, 2008.07.
  • A.D. Zhao, Z.P. Hu, B. Wang, X.D. Xiao, J.L. Yang and J.G. Hou, “Kondo Effect in Single Cobalt Phthalocyanine Molecules Adsorbed on Au(111) Monoatomic Steps”, The Journal of Chemical Physics 128, 234705, 2008.06.
  • K.D. Wang, X.Q. Zhang, M.M.T. Loy and X.D. Xiao, “The Role of Pb Wetting Layer Conduction in Tunneling Spectroscopy of Pb Nanoislands on Si(111) Surface”, Surface Science 602, 1217-1222, 2008.01.
  • X.Q. Zhang, J.T. Ye, H.W. Yang, C. Zhang, K.M. Ho, T. Su, N. Wang, Z.K. Tang and X.D. Xiao, “Imaging 0.4 nm Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Atomic Force Microscopy”, Surface Review and Letters 14, 687-692, 2007.08.
  • X.Q. Zhang, W. He, A.D. Zhao, H.N. Li, L. Chen, W.W. Pai, J.G. Hou, M.M.T. Loy, J.L. Yang and X.D. Xiao, “On the Geometric and Electronic Structure of C60 Monolayer on Ag(100)”, Physical Review B 75, 235444, 2007.06.
  • C.Z. Zheng, C.K. Yeung, M.M.T. Loy and X.D. Xiao, “Quantum diffusion of H on Pt(111): Step effects”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 166101, 2006.