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AN Ke 安珂

AN Ke 安珂 / MSE-PhD (2021)

Supervised by Prof Wang Jian fang


  • B.S. in College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University, 2014-2018
  • M.S. in School of Chemical Engineering and Technology ,Tianjin University, 2018-2021
  • PhD Student in Material Science and Enigneering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2021-present

Research Interest

  • New plasmonic nanoparticles and Plasmonic photocatalysis

Research and Professional Experience

  • Internship:
    Name of Organization: CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd
    Country/Region: China
    Course / Program Attended: Pilot scale production test of catalyst for methane production from syngas
    Participation Period: 27/09/2017 – 31/12/2017

Awards and Honors

  • Undergraduate National Inspirational Scholarship(3 Times; XMU; 2015&2016&2017)
  • Merit Students (4 Times; XMU, 2016&2017&2018; TJU, 2020)
  • Outstanding Graduates (2 Time; XMU, 2018; TJU,2021)
  • Excellent Master thesis (1 Time; TJU,2021)
  • Award for Wanrunjia Discipline Competition (1 Time; XMU; 2018)
  • TheAdvanced Individual in Scientific and Technological Innovation(1 Time; TJU; 2019)
  • Special Prize of “Freshmen Scholarship” (1 Time; TJU; 2018)
  • First Prize of Postgraduate Academic Scholarship (2 Time; TJU; 2019&2020)


  • Ke An, Hanjie Ren, Dong Yang, Zhanfeng Zhao, Yuchen Gao, Yao Chen, Jiangdan Tan, Wenjing Wang, and Zhongyi Jiang. Nitrogenase-inspired bimetallic metal organic frameworks for visible-light-driven nitrogen fixation. Applied Catalysis-B Environmental. 2021, 292, 120167. (co-first author)
  • Ke An, Dong Yang, Xuyang Zhao, Hanjie Ren, Zhanfeng Zhao, Yao Chen, Zhiyuan Zhou, Wenjing Wang, and Zhongyi Jiang. Biomimetic synthesis of 2D/2D mixed graphitic carbon nitride/carbonized polydopamine nanosheets with excellent photocatalytic performance. Materials Chemistry and Physics. 2020, 256, 123621. (first author)
  • 安珂, 杨冬, 赵展烽, 任汉杰, 陈瑶, 周致远, 姜忠义. 金属有机框架光催化剂微环境调控研究进展[J]. 化工学报, 2019, 70(10): 3776-3790. (first author)

Conference Presentations

  • lnternational/domestic Symposium on the Frontiers of Photocatalysis,Wuhan, China, 2020. (Poster)

Other Skills

  • Certificate for Teaching Chinese As the Foreign Language
  • Certificate of Putonghua Proficiency Test